I am an experienced journalist and cartographer with more than 10 years professional experience. I am down to earth, reliable, creative, innovative with a wide set of transferrable skills. I’m fully bilingual and write in both Afrikaans and English. 

Apart from having a post-graduate degree in Journalism from the University of Stellenbosch, I’ve also done a post-graduate degree Geographic Information Systems and I am a qualified GIS Analyst.

I’ve also been able to combine my journalistic experience with skills learned as a musician and apply it to podcasting. I have created several successful podcast shows, and served as a podcast producer and/or consultant for others.

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Scientifically Assembled

Meticulously and accurately created with GIS-software.

Beautifully Designed

Combining GIS-software with design software to create the most aesthetically pleasing maps, ready for print.

Making Maps

With more than 15 years using Geographic Information Systems-software to create and analyze maps, I have created more than 1000 maps that was printed in major magazines as well as standalone publications. 

Using GIS-software to construct a map adds to the level of accuracy of the map, it is more customizable, useable on digital platforms and makes it possible to conduct various geographical analysis using the data. 

Most GIS-software focus on the analysis-part of mapping, but by combining GIS-software with design software like Adobe Indesign, I create maps that isn’t just practical and functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Mapping services I offer include: 

  • Cartography for print media
  • Creation of digital maps
  • Cartographic fieldwork
  • Digitizing and sourcing of data
  • Qualified GIS Analyst
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After studying Journalism at Stellenbosch, I started my journalistic career at Tshwane Beeld as part of the Media24 Journalism Academy in 2010. I worked as a reporter for both the community newspaper as well as the national newspaper. 

I started at Weg! and Go!-magazines at the end of 2010 as a travel writer, photographer and cartographer. The two magazines are the leading travel magazines in South Africa. My journalistic responsibilities included:

  • Writing features 
  • Writing columns
  • Writing for web
  • Create maps
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Podcasting
  • Taking and editing photos and videos
  • Host workshops for readers 
  • Host marketing summits with advertisers
Although I’ve specialized in travel writing for the last decade, I have a wide range if interests and I’m keen to explore some new journalistic avenues. 
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Some Cover Photos

Taking Pictures

Within the current media landscape it’s important to be adept in a variety of skills, especially when it comes to feature writing. I’ve worked to expand my role as journalist within the publication to far beyond just being a writer. I’ve honed my skills in design, audio editing, web design, digital content creation and shooting and editing of video. But photography has always remained one of the foundational pillars of the craft of journalism and I’ve always try and treat it as such. 

Apart from the first story I did for the travel magazine as an intern, I’ve been the photographer and journalist for every feature I wrote. I’ve also taken a couple of cover pictures (see on the left). 

The job of the photographer doesn’t stop when the shutter closes, I’m also skilled in photography editing software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge. 

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Podcasts are one of the fastest growing sectors within the media industry. I’ve spent the last three years working on creating podcasts shows by learning about every single step of the process – from writing and recording to production, scoring and distribution. 

I’ve created three shows for the travel magazine where I served as producer, host and created the music of each episode. These shows often reached the Itunes-chart in South Africa. The most popular show, Weg Stories (an Afrikaans travel podcast) has racked up more than 140 000 listens and have been nominated for an ATKV Media award for best journal program (including radio programs). 

I’ve also served as a podcast consultant and producer on a variety of other titles. 

I run a home studio where I do most of my recordings, as well as a mobile studio. Apart from podcasts I’ve also recorded voice overs for advertisements on radio stations and national television stations. 

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Some shows I'm involved in

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Songs in my repertoire

Making Music

Apart from my work as a journalist, podcaster and cartographer, I’ve been able to maintain as a successful side-career as a live musician for the last 15 years. I’ve played at festivals, markets, weddings, restaurants, wine farms, pubs private functions and corporate events from Cape Town to Chicago. 

I perform mostly as a solo cover artists, but I also collaborate with other musicians depending on what the client requires. 

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